Summit Schedule

8:00AM – Registration opens

09:00AM Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome
  • Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK
  • Chairperson introduction


09:15AM - PRESENTATION / PANEL DISCUSSION: Taking stock and mapping out the next steps
  • Assessing the impacts of Covid-19 on the economy and more specifically on the tech industry
  • What has changed in your company as a result – how did you use these last 10 months?
  • What has not worked out and what have been the challenges for the business and for the employees?
  • How has this experience impacted diversity and inclusion efforts? Have we regressed? Is there a feeling of togetherness? Will this become a distant memory?
09:55AM - FIRESIDE CHAT: Tech for Good – emerging in a better world
  • Addressing the need to be more proactive and not reactive with regards to global challenges
  • Buy, build and/or partner – what did your company do? Has there been a clear trend during Covid-19?
  • Which technology has thrived, and which has not? Why?
  • How do we as tech professionals, create and develop technology to benefit our organizations and others? Identifying the examples of how and where it has been possible to do both
  • What have we learned and how will we develop technological solutions moving forward? Does it take a pandemic to get buy-in for such projects?
  • Debate: Outsourcing vs an internal build of tech/apps with a tech for good foundation?

10:30AM – Morning Break & Speed Networking


11:15AM - PRESENTATION & FIRESIDE CHAT: Finding your digital voice


  • Discussing the differences between your physical and digital voice
  • Why do some thrive in one or the other environment? How can you master both?
  • Did you uphold your visibility as a leader within your organizations?

FIRESIDE CHAT: Encouraging your team to find their voices

  • During COVID-19, how did your team members responded and adapt? Were there surprises? Did individuals find a ‘new’ voice?
  • Who thrived and why?
  • Have new management styles been adopted? Is there a new team dynamic?
  • Post COVID-19, have these individuals regressed to old habits?
  • How as leaders can you continue to develop your voice and that of those around you in physical or digital settings?
11:55PM - PRESENTATION: Pandora's box of opportunities
  • Reviewing some of the persistent challenges regarding company culture and policies faced over the years i.e. flexibility, technological investment, upskilling opportunities, etc.
  • Has this pandemic been the forced game-changer for these efforts?
  • Comparing the rate of adaptability and success rates for businesses in Canada
  • Why did it have to come down to a global lockdown to get this implemented?
  • How can we as leaders enforce and sustain continuity?
12:15PM - Networking lunch with topic led roundtables
  • Attendees are welcome to join the topic specific discussions with like-minded industry peers.


1:20PM - FIRESIDE CHAT: Responding to a workplace and workforce in crisis
  • Quantifying the impact of the pandemic on the workforce
  • Evaluating the impacts and perceptions regarding layoffs, furloughs, reduced pay, and forced sabbaticals and annual leave
  • How have these measures impacted employees and employers alike?
  • Post-pandemic – what did companies do first? What happened to the people?
  • How do you regain trust, loyalty and move forward?
1:50PM - PRESENTATION: Hiring during and post-crisis
  • How did the company go about recruiting during the lockdown?
  • How do you effectively onboard someone virtually?
  • What processes were adapted and put in place? What worked and what did not? Why?
  • Sharing the step-by-step breakdown of how recruitment has changed

2:10PM – Welcome to our special guests!


2:25PM - PANEL DISCUSSION: We need talent now - where do we find it?

We cannot forget the ever-present shortage of diverse talent in the industry and that the root of this problem starts in schools where students decide not to pursue STEM subjects, HOWEVER, the industry needs a solution to their pipeline problem right now!

  • Establishing what leaders/companies are looking for in a candidate
  • Identifying ‘untapped’ pools of talent and why they are great candidates for your teams
  • How have these talent pools changed in light of this pandemic? What are the most sort after skills and who are the most sort after candidates?
  • What do IT leaders need to do to support upskilling and recruitment projects? Discussing the expansion of the role of IT leaders to include talent acquisition skills
3:00PM PRESENTATION & PANEL DISCUSSION: How to connect with our future talent


  • You can’t recruit and motivate future talent if you do not understand ‘what makes them tick’
  • How to avoid common recruitment mistakes and truly connect with candidates
  • The importance of explaining roles and career opportunities

PANEL DISCUSSION: What do future talent want and need?

In this panel session, you will hear first-hand from the very individuals we are trying to attract into the industry. Our moderator will ask participants to share what they have found works and what doesn’t; what they have found to be helpful; what they are looking for and why; and finally, they will share some top tips on how to get your ‘pitch’ right.

3:45PM ROUNDTABLES: Securing our future STEM talent – this is your moment to give back

Educating, inspiring and nurturing the future talent pool to pursue STEM subjects is key to overcoming the deficit we are currently facing. During these roundtables attendees and the speaker will be joined by diverse young students from local schools to discuss:

  • The perception, concerns and doubts these young girls have of STEM
  • What did speakers and attendees find exciting about STEM subjects
  • Why our speakers and attendees enjoy the roles and the industry they are working in
  • The benefits and important roles female STEM professionals play in our futures
  • How can our STEM leaders do more to support change initiatives?
  • Discussing the next steps and continuity – Internships; development programmes; mentorship.
4:30PM - SUMMIT ROUND-UP: Feedback and your pledge
  • Discussing the key takeaways from this year’s summit 
  • What topics would you like to hear about at the WIT Canada 2021 Summit? 
  • Tweet your pledge: Making your pledge for change 
  • Given the content and insights shared, attendees are asked to pledge an act of change. 
  • What actionable takeaway will you do first? 

5:35PM – End of Summit



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