Summit Schedule

8:00AM – Registration opens

09:00AM Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome
Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK


09:10AM CIO/CTO PANEL DISCUSSION: An exploration of the current technology landscape

Identifying and discussing the current top 3 tech trends • Which of these technologies have you invested in and how has it influenced your company thus far?

What were the challenges you faced in order to adopt the new tech? 

How do you go about securing company-wide tech adoption in teams with opposing views regarding the technology?

Which tech trend are you not likely to invest in and why?

09:50AM FIRESIDE CHAT: The continuously evolving role of IT

What were CIO and CTOs responsible for 3 years ago? 

What has now been added to their roles and responsibilities? 

How much have team dynamics changes and what roles have been made “redundant”?

Discussing the importance of moving beyond ‘only’ operations and efficiency to also influencing revenue creation and driving innovation and growth – being a change agent

How do we see role evolving further and how do we get there from today?

10:20AM PRESENTATION: Leading teams through the social impacts of digital transformation

As a result of emerging technologies and the new digital era, what are the biggest social challenges tech leaders are facing?

How are we balancing the digital and human elements?

What will the new entry point be? What new jobs can be created?

What new skills will young professionals need to have?

What is our role as tech leaders in supporting a smooth transition into the digital future?

10:40AM Morning Break & Speed Networking


11:30AM FIRESIDE CHAT: Diverse and inclusive technologies - is this a reality today?

What makes up AI – personalities and preferences?

Where can we see the greatest diversity discrepancies in the technology?

How different would today’s tech be, if there were more diverse tech teams?

How can you create greater diversity in AI?

12:00PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging diversity for greater innovation

Innovation happens in teams, not with individuals. Great innovation brings different disciplines, suppliers, partners and customers together to co-create. Central to great innovation is the ability to have people from different professional, organisational and cultural barriers working in collaborative harmony.

How to get people who don’t work together, working together to create better products and services 

Best practice examples of diverse workforces, company success and ratings, reflective products and services


12:40PM PANEL DISCUSSION: “Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Identifying where we still need to do more work to support female advancement

How are female professionals using their voices and communicating their ideas effectively?

Highlighting the importance of hard and soft skills within tech, and finding the right opportunity

Getting comfortable with ambiguity and change in your career • Moving on from the minority in tech discussion – how to get comfortable and how to use your newfound comfort

Be a Yes person and seize the professional opportunities that lay ahead

1:20PM PRESENTATION: Collecting courage

Discussing the unique journey through the arts and into the cybersecurity space

Highlighting the skills gathered along the way that lead to developing courage to face challenges in this growing career space

Sharing a vulnerable narrative about facing imposter syndrome during growth.

1:40PM Networking Lunch


2:30PM FIRESIDE CHAT: Identifying mentors that will support and sponsor your advancement

Analysing the difference between mentors and sponsors

How the lack of senior female figures influences perceptions of development and progression within an organisation

Leveraging the support of male colleagues as sponsors and working in partnership

Acknowledging the professionals (male & female) that are supporting and advancing their teams, young female professionals and moving the dial for greater inclusion

Top Tips: how to effectively work and leverage your network both in an organisation and externally

3:00PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Being a leader from start to finish in your financial career

Speaking the language of a leader – what does this mean?

Comparing various leadership styles – strengths and weaknesses

How to lead effectively and be you

It’s not just about IQ, you also need an Emotional Quotient (EQ) – overcoming your own unconscious bias and getting to the top

3:40PM PRESENTATION: Being the Only Woman in the Room: Lessons Learned from the Tech Front

How to get in the room

Expand your horizons, tech is not just about coding

How to read the room, wallflower vs. women warrior

4:00PM FIRESIDE CHAT: Using your professional success to give back

How to leverage your knowledge and expertise for the greater good

Examining how investments in digital literacy can help you contribute to communities

Supporting local communities through connectivity and sustainable initiatives

Understanding the benefits of these projects and how you too can give back

4:30PM SUMMIT ROUND-UP: Your pledge for improvement

 The key takeaways from this inaugural summit

What topics would you like to hear about at WIT Canada 2020 Summit?

Tweet your pledge: Making your pledge for change ○ Given the content and insights shared, attendees are asked to pledge what they will implement and/or take back to their business

16:35 End of Conference

Women In IT 2019 Awards – Canada
19:00 Champagne Reception
19:30 Welcome and Keynote Addresses

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