Please note: we are still putting the finishing touches to the agenda and sessions and timings are subject to change.

Summit Schedule

8:00 SGT – Registration opens

9:00 SGT - Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group
Chairperson Introduction


9:00 SGT - FIRESIDE CHAT: The evolving role of IT professionals
  • Discussing the role of CIOs and the responsibilities of an IT leader
  • Being a change agent – moving beyond ‘only’ operations and efficiency to also influencing revenue creation, driving innovation and managing company growth
  • How do you decide on: build vs buy / digital vs legacy/need vs fear of missing out (FOMO)?
  • How to manage relationships with CTOs, CDOs and teams
  • Thinking ahead: how do you see the role evolving further?
9:40 SGT - PANEL DISCUSSION: The power of IT to change businesses and the world
  • Discussing the need to be aware and proactive with regards to global challenges
  • How do we as IT professionals, create and develop technology to benefit our organisations and others? Is it possible to do both? How?
  • How do you get buy-in and make the proposition valuable for all stakeholders?
  • Debate: Outsourcing vs internal build of tech/apps with a tech for good foundation?
  • What tech for good solutions are APAC countries producing?

Amra Naidoo, Co-Founder, Partnerships and Operations Director, Accelerating Asia

10:30 SGT Morning Break & Speed Networking


11:30 SGT - PRESENTATION: Governmental mandates and support for greater diversity
  • What does diversity mean to each country? Discussing the varying degrees of importance across the region
  • Evaluating the ranking of APAC companies vs the rest of the world
  • How can we pick up the pace for greater diversity, inclusion and equality?
  • Analysing the outcomes of the government mandates established in Malaysia and India
  • Who led this initiative? How did they do it?
  • How can we as IT leaders influence this? How do we get involved to be change agents for our industries and countries?
11:50 SGT - FIRESIDE CHAT: Champions and allies
  • Even as leaders, we still need to find people that will inspire and support us
  • Looking closer to home
  • How do we help each other and overcome the toxic “us vs them” environments?
  • Who needs to talk to whom? What is missing to get us over this hurdle?
  • Top tips from champions and allies

Professional Development AND COMPANY POLICIES

12:20 SGT - PANEL DISCUSSION: Finding Your Voice

In many cultures around the world and even more so in Asia, females are raised to be polite and not speak up. So how do women find the right balance between finding their voice by being confident and assertive, and yet not come across as difficult or aggressive?

Speakers will share their journeys of growing up in Asia, where speaking up was considered defiant but see where they are now. Hear tips on how to find your voice, be heard and respected.

Georgette Tan Adamopoulos, President, United Women Singapore

Karen Leong, Global Transformation Expert, Influence Solutions


13:00 SGT - PRESENTATION: Off ramping and on ramping your career
  • Discussing parental leave, extended sabbaticals, further education and the professional pause
  • Evaluating survey results reporting that returners have had salary cuts and demotions, and they will not have a second child as women feel it will hurt their chances of career advancement
  • Highlighting the programmes and/or initiatives in place that provide better support and understanding
  • Top tips:
    • Understand what will need to change for you
    • Planning ahead and make your needs clear to the organisation
    • Keep your foot in the door with “keep in touch days”
    • Maintaining your champions in the workplace

Sher-Li Torrey, Founder, Mums@Work

13:20 SGT - LUNCH: Networking and topic led roundtables

Attendees are welcome to join the topic-specific discussions with like-minded industry peers. Enjoy your lunch whilst discussing topics such as; Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Imposter Syndrome, Negotiation and Digital/Cultural Transformation.

Recruitment, Retention and Talent

14:30 SGT - PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating true diversity in IT: Going beyond gender and how we can make a true difference

There has been much discussion around how to attract and retain more women in IT. However, this is only one segment of diversity. Whilst it’s important to ensure women are well represented in the field of IT, we should go beyond to include less represented communities such as those with special needs, low income individuals, LGBT, ex-offenders, long-term unemployed, those in remote regions, and many more. In the digital era, what can be done to truly increase diversity and inclusion and how can we truly make a difference?

15:10 SGT - PRESENTATION: The organisational benefits of internal promotions and upskilling
  • Do you really know what the potential is of each member of your teams and surrounding colleagues?
  • How putting employees “to the test” with simple tasks and different projects could help you tap into a talent pool you didn’t even know you had
  • How do you include these subtle evaluations? How do you monitor and share the results across teams and departments?
  • Understanding how this approach will open avenues of opportunities, restrict monotony and positively influences employee retention and loyalty
15:30 SGT - ROUNDTABLES: Securing our future STEM talent – this is your moment to give back

Educating, inspiring and nurturing the future talent pool to pursue STEM subjects is key to overcoming the deficit we are currently facing. During these roundtables attendees and the speaker will be joined by young girls from local schools to discuss:

  • The perception, concerns and doubts these young girls have of STEM
  • What did speakers and attendees find exciting about STEM subjects
  • Why our speakers and attendees enjoy the roles and the industry they are working in
  • The benefits and important roles female STEM professionals play in our futures
  • How our STEM leaders can do more to support change initiatives
    • Discussing the next steps and continuity – Internships; Programmes; Mentorship.
    • What will be the “after care” of the session be for each individual?


17:00 SGT - End of Summit - See you next year!


19:00 SGT – Champagne Reception
20:00 SGT – Welcome and Keynote Addresses