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sharing knowledge and celebrating the achievements of women in technology

Technology means constant evolution. So how do we build more diverse tech companies? It starts at the top.

Who is next? What is next?

The Women In IT Awards series pursues its mission for a more inclusive future and is launching Women In IT Canada in 2019: the astounding success of the London edition, the growing community of attendees gathering at the sister events in Dublin, New York, Singapore and the Silicon Valley prove that reckoning is on the making.

Canada has a long story as a diverse society. Initiatives like the Feminist Government Team running the Canada Beyond 150 program unveil the issues both government and society will have to respond.


Recent studies reveal that female national enrolment in STEM universities is 19% on average, and that just 12% of the country’s 280,000 professional engineers are women. Furthermore, the number of women in leadership roles is just as low.

The Women In IT Canada event will unveil talented high achievers in IT, bestowing significant awards for the industry, while paving the way for the future generation.

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21 November 2019