Women in it summit New york

APRIL 28 2021 

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Women in IT Summit 2021

Since the tech giants of the world began diversity reporting back in 2014, some things have changed…but not enough. Globally, there is a notorious lack of representation, across the tech industry, of women, black and minority ethnic professionals, workers with disabilities and those from the LGBTQ+ community.

Progression around gender equity has, arguably, taken larger leaps than other areas of inclusion; however, it remains that women make up only 25% of the workforce in some of the world’s Big Techs (Statista, 2020).

We’re additionally starting to wake up to some deep-rooted issues in the spaces of racial equity, and LGBTQ+ and disability representation. We have seen a less-than-1% increase in black worker representation within some of the most influential tech organizations over the past 7 years. Pandemic-related layoffs in many firms resulted in further declines in BAME employees (CNN, 2020). And while many companies vocally support Pride projects, we are seeing very few LGBTQ+ staff progressing to the top of these companies, with difficult cultural issues reported particularly by transgender professionals across the world.

Last year, over 800 delegates joined us for an inspirational and informative event. The virtual summit will bring together delegates from around the world as we continue to cover the most pressing tech issues and continue the key diversity, equality and inclusion conversations. Through a series of content streams, the agenda will share educational, insightful, and actionable recommendations, providing a platform for working collectively in solving some of the glaring problems we face today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Women in IT Awards New York

The Women in IT Awards, New York returned virtually on the October 29, 2020 for its 3rd year. These unique awards continued to recognise and shine a light on the amazing individuals and organisations who are not only breaking digital boundaries, but championing change for women in technology.

This year, over 500 professionals from the tech and wider industries attended to celebrate these wonderful achievements.

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