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Able Wanamakok

Int’l Celebrity Presenter, Presenter Coach, Author and TEDx Speaker

With over 15 years experience, Hong Kong-born, US-raised Able is the founder of Find Your Voice Asia (Coaching), an International Presenter, TEDx Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. 

She worked as a News Anchor for NBT Phuket, TV Show Host for Thailand@Large and Window on Thailand, and TV Presenter/Producer for Fashion One International Network. She currently travels around Asia to host conferences, gala dinners, awards and other large-scale events. 

Having grown up as the only Chinese girl in small town USA, she learned quickly to adapt to any culture, yet always stay true to her roots. That’s why today she easily switches between English, Cantonese and Thai – having chosen to make Thailand her home.

A fun-loving, honest and determined spirit, Able says that, “I want to live an extraordinary life, not an ordinary one. My goal is to become the best in what I do and bring joy to all the people around me through my work. You should live a life without regret, have the courage to rise above and embrace failure as a best friend.”

award timings (SGT)

Thursday, 10 December 2020

4:45pm – Awards commence

4:50pm – Award ceremony begins

6:15pm – Awards close