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A company or person that has gone out of its/her/his way to support the cause of getting more women in IT in the last 18 months.

WINNER: Priyanka Ashraf, ConsenSys

Priyanka is a worthy winner of the Advocate of the Year Award. Her holistic approach to advocate for women in STEM is impressive as is the scale and impact of her work at ConsenSys and beyond that. Her’s is the ideal example of proactive advocacy.


A female leader of a technology company, or a business leader within a large technology company, who has demonstrated outstanding business leadership in the last 18 months.

WINNER: Anneliese Schulz, Software AG

Anneliese Schulz is the Business Leader of the Year. An achievement that reflects her outstanding success as a leader and Software AG’s strong trust and confidence in her capabilities to elevate the Asia region to even greater heights in a period of rapid digital transformation. Beyond achieving sales targets and driving profitable revenue, Anneliese has been leading her team to practise inclusivity & diversit


A female CIO, head of technology or head of IT who has demonstrated particular innovation, IT excellence and leadership in the last 18 months. Judges will look at projects and achievements spanning the current organisation or others if applicable, along with examples of best practice, leadership, ROI generated and alignment to business goals.

WINNER: Tan Sor Hoon, Government Technology Agency

The judges were impressed by the clear and consistent digital initiatives delivered by Tan Sor Hoon. The resulting technical innovations do not only show her outstanding leadership but also show the immense impact her work has had on ICA and Singapore.


A female IT, technology or business leader who has demonstrated successful results in the area of data technology in the last 18 months. 

WINNER: Nelly Jimron, MatchMove Pay

Nelly’s ability to work with a lean team and yet achieve such sterling results highly impressed the judges.  It serves as a testimonial to the fact that quality, purpose and drive always delivers over quantity. Not only has she shown herself to be determined and ambitious but the clarity of her data technology projects is commendable.


A digital or business leader who has demonstrated successful results in the area of digital innovation in the last 18 months. 

WINNERS: Anamika Talwar, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services & Juliana Chua, NTUC Income

Anamika Talwar, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

In a highly competitive category Anamika convinced the judges with the many digital firsts she has initiated, executed and delivered while managing to solve customer’s real problems. Working within a strict framework she has managed to digital transform that framework while increasing value of products. She is a Digital Leader in every sense of the word.

Juliana Chua, NTUC Income

Working within a traditional insurance firm,  Juliana and her team have work with a mindset of disruption and bring the benefits to their customers as an innovative digital leader. With her leadership, the digitalisation of NTUC has been highly impressive and makes her deserved Digital Leader of the Year.


This category focuses on a specific diversity initiative or project that has been established to promote diversity in IT: in a specific company or for the wider community. Judges will assess the impact of this project and how successful it has been – based on tangible results – in closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in tech. 

WINNER: She Loves Data

She Loves Data and their universal and highly accessible programmes have the admirable quality of making technology and data less intimidating. The judges noted that the initiative has a multi-country reach and an impressive record of touching lives in those countries, while promoting data science. Their outcome-oriented approach makes them a deserving winner of this award.


Either a tech firm that has demonstrated a great desire to attract and retain more women, or a company from any other industry that has demonstrated a great desire to attract and retain more women in its IT and/or digital department. 

WINNER: J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan’s multi-faceted efforts to support diversity in general and women in particular convinced the judges. Their unified and comprehensive focus on D&I at every level of the company and their outreach to female STEM undergraduates is a proactive and enlightened move and just one of their outstanding initiatives in support of gender diversity.


A female leader of a technology, digital or e-commerce start-up that has demonstrated excellent growth in the last 18 months, with a coherent and sustainable strategy in achieving it. Judges will look at demonstrations of growth (turnover, profit, employees etc.), standout achievements and customer testimonials.

WINNER: Joelle Pang, FastJobs Asia

Joelle Pang is paving the way for women in technology by demonstrating impressive entrepreneurship through her various startups. Add to this her digital transformation work with the Singapore Press Holdings and the commercial success of FastJobs across South East Asia. She is building an ecosystem with impressive results.


A woman who has shown outstanding IT excellence and innovation in the last 18 months and demonstrates signs that she will one day become a successful CIO. 

WINNER: Annie An Dongmei, Amazon Web Services

Annie’s robust contributions at AWS and the industry as a whole are worthy of a CIO. Her innovative approach and openness for new ideas has granted her great exposure to different key platforms and through utilising cutting edge industry she has already helped set industry standards. The judges have deemed her one to watch!


An IT team, led by a woman, that has delivered real value – with tangible business results – to a company. Judges will look at projects and achievements, along with examples of best practice, leadership, ROI generated and alignment to business goals. 

WINNER: Citibank

Under the leadership of Meggy Chung the IT Team at Citibank have clearly delivered projects that have resulted in tangible business results.  The judges were particularly impressed by the scale and scope of implementation for their machine learning projects as well as their work on their Big Data capabilities. The IT Team’s impact on the business as a whole is undeniable and it makes them the IT Team of the Year.


A female IT security professional who has demonstrated outstanding work in progressing the industry and/or protecting the company from cyber threats. 

WINNER: Jiahui Tang, Google

For the world’s largest internet destination, security is of paramount importance. Jiahui’s work in this area definitely helps to make the web a slightly safer place. Her innovative approach, coupled with her technical excellence has resulted in clear value. With exciting initiatives and making use of the latest technology Jiahui is pushing the frontier of cybersecurity.


An organisation that has undergone a major, and successful, IT or digital transformation in the last 18 months, in which a woman has played an integral part. 

WINNER: Ayten Ozenc, Toll Group

Ayten’s submission demonstrated the impact her ambitious transformation project has had. She has managed to change the company’s project culture on a global scale, which in itself is impressive. But on top of this the scale of value delivered in the past 18 months is proof of Ayten’s tenacity and ability to inspire her colleagues.


A woman who has demonstrated the highest degree of IT excellence, innovation and leadership in the last year, and shone a light on the great things women in IT can achieve. Candidates should have not only have demonstrated outstanding business- and/or technology-focused achievements, but also acted as a positive role model and actively sought to bring more diversity to the technology industry. Chosen by the judges. 

WINNER: Carolyn Chin-Parry, Formerly at Prism

Throughout her career, Carolyn has mentored many women in IT, be they colleagues at the same company or women within the larger industry. She has an exceptional track record in digital transformation as a Chief Digital Officer and long-term management consultant with a big 4 consulting firm. She is known to have successfully led some of the largest ever transformation projects in Asia Pacific.

She is not just someone to model one’s career after, but she is a role model on how to champion women and supporting them across the board. The judges are agreed that she is an inspiration and a very deserving Woman of the Year.  


A female IT, technology or business leader under the age of 35, or who turns 35 in 2018, who has progressed rapidly though their career and demonstrated business value and innovation through the use of technology. This could include demonstrations of successfully deploying technologies; improving how a company approaches technology; delivering effective IT or technology strategies; enhancing decision-making with technology; creating business value, efficiencies and cost savings, or improving services, through the use of technology; driving new innovation in the industry; or furthering knowledge, awareness and education around technology. Chosen by the judges. 

WINNER: Leeyoung Song, Airbnb

Despite being only in her 20’s, Leeyoung has a solid track record of results. In a very short amount of time she established an QA process, test strategy, and test success metrics from zero as there was no internal QA team previously. Her energetic and positive can-do attitude, coupled with her tenacity and effort to recruit women, makes her one to watch and the Young Leader of the Year.


Who can nominate for these Awards?

You can nominate yourself or your colleagues/peers. Do include performance information that the judges can verify when needed. 

How do I nominate?

You can nominate in as many categories as you deem appropriate.

Please use the criteria (listed below) of the category you wish to enter to shape your written submission, as the judges will refer to each criteria to guide their decisions. You should submit an essay style submission which should be 400-600 words. 

The more factual information and stats you can provide for any of these questions, the better your chances on being a finalist on the shortlist. The submission should cover achievements in the day-to-job as well as prove advocacy of gender diversity. 

What is the involved cost?

There is no cost to enter for the awards. There is a cost if you wish to attend the awards dinner. This also applies to people who are shortlisted. As all nominees who wish to attend need to purchase a ticket.

If you are shortlisted and for some reason cannot attend the the dinner, it will NOT affect your chances of winning the award you are shortlisted for. 

Who judges the submissions?

An independent panel of judges will consider each nomination and vote on the winners for each category 2-4 weeks before the awards gala dinner. 

Who shall I contact if I have any more questions?

If you need further assistance please contact us via email:

When is the deadline for the nominations?

Nominations are now closed.

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