Summit Agenda 


Thursday, March 28th 2019

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK
Sabinije von Gaffke, Founder, The Game Changer Global Initiative & Impactfulness, Sweden


09:10 FIRESIDE CHAT: Is AI for everyone?

  • Highlighting the benefits and challenges of AI in your business
  • Understanding the importance of fostering relationships and human interaction
  • How has AI enhanced internal processes and customer-facing services
  • Why is or isn’t AI for your business? Will this change?

Moderator: Jenai Marinkovic, Chief Technology & Security Officer, Beyond, USA 
Anuradha Gali, Uber Engineering, Uber, USA
Uma Narayanan, Senior Director – Technical Solutions Architecture, NTT Data Services, USA

09:45 PRESENTATION – Securing the digital economy: Reinventing the Internet for trust
– How innovative technologies are outpacing the ability of any enterprise or government to maintain stakeholder trust
– Startling research findings on the low confidence CEOs have in current Internet security
– The trust and cybersecurity imperatives facing digital enterprises
– Why disruptive thinking and approaches must replace incremental ones to secure the Internet
– What are the major ways leaders can build a trustworthy digital economy and secure Internet?

Lisa O’Connor, Managing Director, Accenture, USA

10:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: Diverse and inclusive technologies – is this a reality today?

  • What makes up AI – personalities and preferences?
  • Where can we see the greatest diversity discrepancies in the technology?
  • How different would today’s tech be, if there were more diverse tech teams?
  • How can you create greater diversity in AI?

Moderator: Jenai Marinkovic, Chief Technology & Security Officer, Beyond, USA 
Catherine Devine, Business Strategy Leader – Libraries & Museums, Microsoft, USA
Sadia Halim, Managing Director, BNP Paribas, USA
Nabila Aydin, Global Marketing Director, FDM Group, UK
Jennifer Cloer, Co-Founder, The Chasing Grace Project, USA

10:40 Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to take part in speed networking, please contact

*Note: Vendor companies will be required to sponsor in order to participate.

                                                                                      PURSUING YOUR DREAM IN TECH

11:10 PRESENTATION: A journey from the kitchen to being a powerful business women

  • How an app idea turned into a book deal and lead to international recognition in the tech space
  • Understanding the “Pivotal Moments” that influence and make your professional career
  • Standing together and helping each other climb the ladder to success

Susanne Birgersdotter, Founder, SthlmAppLab and World Women Network, Sweden

11:25 FIRESIDE CHAT: Navigating your way into the exciting world of tech

  • Identifying gateway jobs and building your skills and CV
  • Finding the courage to pursue new challenges and step out of your comfort zone
  • Allowing yourself to learn new skills, learn on the job and embrace more responsibility
  • How often have you just said “Yes” without second guessing? Overcome your insecurities
  • Be a Yes Women and seize every professional opportunity

Moderator: Marie Wiese, President & Founder, Marketing CoPilot, USA
Paula Hunter, Executive Director, NFC Forum, USA
Jennifer Cloer, Co-Founder, The Chasing Grace Project, USA
Marieke McCloskey, Director of Research, User Science Team Lead, Usertesting, USA

11:50 PRESENTATION: Being the Only Woman in the Room: Lessons Learned From the Tech Front

– How to get in the room
– Expand your horizons, tech is not just about coding
– How to read the room, wallflower vs. women warrior

Paula Hunter, Executive Director, NFC Forum, USA

12:05 PRESENTATION: Negotiating equal pay

  • The current state of the gender pay gap
  • Understanding and leveraging best practices in compensation negotiation
  • Keeping the discussion objective to maximize results
  • Using these same lessons when on the other side

Katie Donovan, Founder, Equal Pay Negotiations, USA

                                                                                   OPPORTUNITIES IN CYBER SECURITY

12:20 FIRESIDE CHAT: Opportunities in cyber security but no traction – why?

  • Comparing tech role popularity and the low uptake of positions in security
  • Are universities noticing a decrease in numbers and have we understood why?
  • Highlighting the opportunities and importance of professionals in cybersecurity
  • How can the lack of expertise leaves us vulnerable especially in the tech industry
  • How can we engage and incentivise young students and industry professionals to move into the cybersecurity space?

Moderator: Sabinije von Gaffke, Founder, The Game Changer Global Initiative & Impactfulness, Sweden
Deneen DeFiore, CISO, GE Aviation, USA
Neal O’Farrell, Founder, Schooled in Security, USA

12:45 PRESENTATION: More Young Women in Cybersecurity? It’s all about the pitch

  • Why the failure to attract a new generation to cybersecurity is everyone’s fault
  • Why schools are such an untapped asset but tough challenge
  • Why young women need to meet better role models
  • How Schooled In Security is taking a different approach

Neal O’Farrell, Founder, Schooled in Security, USA

13:00 PRESENTATION: Collecting courage

  • Discussing the unique journey through the arts and into the cybersecurity space
  • Highlighting the skills gathered along the way that lead to developing the courage to face challenges in this growing career space
  • Sharing a vulnerable narrative about facing imposter syndrome during growth.

Diana Birsan, Security Program Manager, Shopify, Canada

13:15 Networking Lunch

14:00 FIRESIDE CHAT: Over mentored and not enough sponsorship

  • Analysing the difference between mentors and sponsors
  • Knowing how to work and leverage your network both in an organisation and outside
  • Who do you need to get to know and how do you get to them?
  • Leveraging the support of male colleagues as sponsors and working in partnership

Moderator: Nabila Aydin, Global Marketing Director, FDM Group, UK
Nancy Harris, EVP, Sage, USA
Marie Wiese, President & Founder, Marketing CoPilot, USA
Valerie Abend, Managing Director – Senior Security Executive, Accenture, USA

14:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: Using your professional success to give back

  • How to leverage your knowledge and expertise for the greater good
  • Supporting local communities through connectivity and sustainable initiatives
  • Understanding the benefits of these projects and how you to can give back

Moderator: Sabinije von Gaffke, Founder, The Game Changer Global Initiative & Impactfulness, Sweden
Leah Kraus, CIO, North Carolina Central University, USA
Etosha Ottey, President & CEO, Chicago Black Women in Tech, USA
Elizabeth Baxter, Vice President, Women in Technology – DISC, USA
Judith Spitz, WiTNY Founding Program Director, Cornell Tech, USA
Rekha Venkatakrishnan, Staff Product Manager, Walmart Labs, USA 

15:00 PRESENTATION: WiTNY – How industry and academia can come together to drive change at scale towards gender equity in tech

  • Identifying the right partners for a public-private partnership
  • Standing on the shoulders of giants but innovating to meet the needs of your constituency
  • Changing the lives of thousands of young women – one at a time
  • Delivering results that matter

Judith Spitz, WiTNY Founding Program Director, Cornell Tech, USA

15:15 Workshop: Overcoming Perfectionism & Silencing Your Imposter

“All the opportunities we miss because we are too afraid to put anything out in the world that could in IMPERFECT, or dreams we don’t follow because of FEAR of FAILING, or DISAPPOINTING OTHER.” – Dr Brene Brown.

  • Do you want to play bigger but feel like an imposter?
  • Do you dream of moving into a more senior role or major project, but fear is holding you back and keeping you quiet?
  • How many decisions do you make each day based on what you think you SHOULD do, rather than what you WANT to do?

This interactive workshop blends Dr Brene Brown’s research with exercised and group discussions to shine a light on our inner critic and perfectionist tendencies. We will identify strategies to move forward and experience the power of knowing that we are not alone.

Gareth Davies, Co-Founder, The Bravest Path, UK

16:00 End of Conference

               Women In IT 2019 Awards – New York

19:00 Champagne Reception

19:30 Welcome and Keynote Addresses