Words of wisdom

Our Women in IT New York speakers share their top tips and advice for getting through COVID-19

1. There has never been a time, nor is it likely there will ever be another time in our lifetimes when we all have such an incredible opportunity to unlearn, learn and relearn. It’s a time to experiment with new norms and be ready to come out on the other side of this experience ready to rebuild our families, our businesses, our communities.


2. Sort your priorities into three buckets: Do Now, Do Next, Do Later.  Don’t get stuck in short term thinking, Prepare. Avoid negativity.


These are unprecedented times. Social distancing, while necessary is taking a toll on many. Businesses are in jeopardy of closing doors. People are feeling isolated, anxious and craving connection more than ever. The shutdown of recreational and pro sports leagues is leaving many of us searching for ways to stay engaged with the sports and teammates we love. In the wake of COVID-19, this is an ideal time to deepen our relationships and an opportunity to find new ways of interacting with one another to strengthen and encourage each other.


WHAT YOU CAN DO AS AN INDIVIDUAL: There are so many great stories of community, connection and selfless generosity across the globe and in our very own backyard. Get involved in community initiatives to help those in need and share the great things that are happening in your community on social media and on positive social platforms. Let’s put some light out into our world.


WHAT YOU CAN DO AS A PROFESSIONAL: Have a skill that can help a small business (marketing, legal, operations, financial)? Donate some time and expertise to your local Chamber of Commerce to help businesses who are struggling with the new normal of a virtual, socially distanced world.