Summit Schedule

8:00AM – Registration opens

9:00AM - Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group

The Rollercoaster World of Technology

9:10AM - LIGHTNING TALKS: ‘Tech for Social Good’ …is the New Black?
  • Robotics and environmental sustainability – an unlikely pair, or a power couple?
  • In what ways is connectivity key to equality and progression?
  • Looking to the future: where are these trends going and how can technological advances be implemented in a safe way?
9:45AM - CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Managing Your Risks Like a Pro
  • Understanding public trust issues with data governance and privacy
  • How do we prepare for regulatory risk, 3rd party risk & cyber risk?
  • How can crisis management use tech? How can technological advances create crisis?
10:05AM - DEBATE: AI v Humans – Are We Headed For a Jobless Economy? 
  • Which jobs are victim to robots, AI & digitalization?
  • Which demographics are most at risk?
  • How can employers in the US manage transitions?
  • How is automation making things better for the average worker?
  • Do the new opportunities outweigh the jobs lost?
  • The responsibility of tech giants
10:40AM - Speed Networking Break

Emerging Technologies

11:30AM - PRESENTATION: Blockchain Beyond Crypto
  • How blockchain can change government
  • Can we change voter experience and eliminate fraud?
  • Integration of smart contracts
11:50AM - FIRESIDE CHAT: The Marriage of Tech & Mental Health
  • How can abuse of technology negatively impact mental health? How can technology professionals in high-intensity work environments prioritize their wellbeing?
  • What technologies and wearables are being developed to combat and cure mental illnesses?
  • The exciting emergence of digital phenotyping and what we need to know about it

Professional Development: More than Buzzwords

12:15PM - ROUNDTABLES: Networking 101
  • What are the basic tools of networking?
  • How does it work for an introvert?
  • How can we be productive about our networking?
  • Maintaining the long-term relationship
  • How NOT to network
12:45PM - LUNCH: Birds of a Feather

Join a topic-based networking gathering, led by an expert in a specific field.

1:45PM - IMPACT TALK: What Do We Mean By Mentorship?
  • Mentoring someone DIFFERENT – gender, racial and age diversity in mentor-mentee relationships
  • How can we stretch our mentality about what the process means?
  • What is the distinction between coaching, mentoring and sponsorship?
  • Where do we find a mentor?
  • How can you be a good mentor? How can you be a good mentee?

The Tech Talent Pool

2:00PM - PECHA KUCHA: Neutral Recruitment: What, Why & How?
  • In what ways are job postings often geared towards men? Are the algorithms wrong?
  • The need for employers to sell themselves just as much as candidates
  • What are the practical steps tech companies can take to make their vacancies attractive to everyone?
2:10PM - THINK TANK: It Starts with an Education
  • Let’s talk about girls in tech: a look at school & university statistics
  • We know girls are capable: where’s the barrier?
  • What are companies doing to encourage girls studying tech-related subjects? What’s working?
  • Is there a language change needed to get younger girls excited about tech?
2:45PM - Afternoon Break

Widespread Diversity

3:15PM - PANEL: Why Does Being an Ally Matter
  • Being an ally…how do you do it and why does it matter?
  • Why are minorities not being represented in the tech world?
  • The art of championing diversity across the board
  • Men’s mental health, paternity leave – how do we address these issues in the fight for gender equity?
4:10PM - MASTERCLASS: Leveraging Diversity Across the Board
  • Build the skillset you need for board membership
  • Learn what resources are at your disposal, and what routes lead to a board position
  • How is regulation shifting?
  • Should we just give back once we’re at the top – or along the way too?


5:00PM - End of Conference

Women in IT 2020 Awards
19:00 Champagne Reception
20:00 Welcome and Keynote Addresses


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