Q&A: Working from home with rina Goldenberg Lynch

Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Founder & CEO
Voice At The Table

1. How has the coronavirus affected your day to day work?

I’m much more connected to my laptop as being seen and seeing colleagues and clients on video has become more important than before. This makes my day less comfortable and tires out my eyes and my hands. I realise that having a proper office set up is now more important than ever.

2. What do you do for fun when you take a break from working at home?

I have children at home with me, so fun is probably catching up with them. What have they been doing? How do I keep them engaged? Feed them. I catch up with my husband too, which is nice, as that doesn’t usually happen during the day when he’s at the office and I’m in meetings.

3. Do you have a top-tip to share on working remotely? 

My top tip is that there are no rules! Do what works best for you and look after yourself.  The important thing is to maintain longevity and find ways of making #WFH work for you! If this means stepping outside and switching off for a bit, then do that. Everyone says routines help, and I agree, although I’m not very good at them.

4. What is your favourite snack to have on hand?

I try not to snack, but do position a bowl of fruit next to my laptop, in case I get tempted.  Grapes, berries of any sort and carrots work well.  OK carrots aren’t fruit…

5. What impact is coronavirus having on your sector/role?

Well, none of my clients are in the mood to spend – that’s probably true for everyone – so the impact is that I’m finding ways to support them through this massive change with the tools I have. I don’t talk about D&I (my ‘thing’) so much; rather, I focus on the underlying behaviours that make it easier to get through the challenges we all face. I now offer a whole lot more virtually – from training to expert interviews – and write more frequently.  Staying connected and maintaining relevance are now the priorities. 

6. What advice would you give those starting in a new company during Covid-19 – in terms of interaction, building relationships and just plugging in?

  1. Good time to read up on background/policies to get to know the tone of the organisation
  2. Arrange virtual coffees with people – short 10 min bursts of conversation – find out something about them and share something about yourself
  3. Observe the team culture on calls and virtual meetings – who are the dominant speakers? What are the different personalities?  What are people good at – and not so good at? Start mapping out your team to understand how you might fit in and add the most value.
  4. Focus on your job – do it in the best way you can under the circumstances but don’t sell your soul! Remember, what you do know will set precedent on how people expect you to operate
  5. Enjoy it! The good news is that you won’t be the only person undergoing a lot of change. We’re now all in the same boat and so, it should be easier for you to relate to others and for others to relate to you. In this way, this is a good time to start a new job.