Speaker Spotlight: Anuja Sharma

Women in IT Summit Canada

”Security and now more so cybersecurity is a very real menace that deserves education and awareness.

Anuja Sharma, Regional Head of Solution Engineering, Splunk

Q1. Why have you joined the Women in IT Canada Summit?  

I first attended Women in IT Canada Summit two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the quality event; topical agenda, thought provoking discussion, impressive lineup of speakers, opportunity to network, and much much more.

I was very happy when the following year I had the opportunity to not just attend the event, but also participate in a panel to share my thoughts and experiences. Once again I was  impressed with the professionalism of the organizing group, its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion; and the much needed special  focus on Women in IT.

Delighted and proud that not only do I have the opportunity to  moderate a discussion with some very senior panelists this year, but that the company I work for @splunk decided to be a sponsor to reinforce our commitment to D&I.

Q2. Why are you compelled to participate in “How to future proof your Security”? 

With my past experience and currently working at Splunk, IT Security happens to be a topic near and dear to my heart. In my professional journey as well as life as a consumer whose day to day life depends on online interactions. Security and now more so cybersecurity is a very real menace that deserves education and awareness. As much as it is a challenge for organizations, it is also a career opportunity for individuals who may want to further their skills or for those who may want to retool themselves and look at cybersecurity as another career option. With such a relevant topic, and the line up of experiences panelists, I am thrilled to participate in this session.

Q3. What sessions are you most looking forward to and why?

Ideally, I wish I could attend all sessions. Very impressive lineup of speakers and content on both streams. With the challenges that Covid brought to workplace in terms of limitation of in person interactions, I am extremely interested in the New way to Network session as well as How to recreate the Human experiences at work.

Q4. Why should local and international professionals tune in for your session?                  

The underlying theme of our session, Cyber Security, is a topic that holds extreme relevance spanning  industries, roles and  geographies.  Organizations continue to grapple with the cost and complexity of managing cyber security as cyber criminals seem to rapidly advance  their own digital transformation journey. Our session has an amazing lineup of  Senior leaders representing  multiple  sectors and organization sizes who will not only share their thoughts, but also provide some actionable insights. It will be a session that will be both interesting and informative.


Hear more from Anuja at the summit on October 20. To find out more and register for a free place, please click here