Speaker Spotlight: Nastaran Bisheban

Women in IT Summit Canada

Q1. Why have you joined the Women in IT Canada Summit?

It is always great to join like-minded Technologists and share thoughts

Q2. Why are you compelled to participate in PANEL DISCUSSION: Driving digital first and customer centric agendas?

Because at the end of the day it is truly about the customer and how they feel

Q3. What sessions are you most looking forward to and why?

I am planning to join as many sessions as I can, this is not an event to skip any session 😊

Q4. Why should local and international professionals tune in for your session?

Hearing my talks, they can either relate and validate their own experience or can benefit from listening to my experiences and not go through the same challenges I had to overcome.


Hear more from Nastaran at the summit on October 20. To find out more and register for a free place, please click here