Summit Schedule

8:00AM – Registration opens

9:00AM - Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group
Chairperson introduction


9:15AM - PRESENTATION: Maximising ROI and functionality
  • The days of IT “launch it and leave it” are long gone for IT departments
  • Discussing the incredible speed of innovation and what IT leaders should prioritise
  • How to successfully future proof the technologies organisations have and are looking to invest in
  • Case study examples of how to continue seeing a positive ROI
9:40AM - PRESENTATION: Using RPA technology to avoid repetition in your business
  • What is RPA and what does it do? 
  • Who is using this technology and what have been the outcomes?
  • How does this technology better support digital transformations?
  • Proof of concept and case studies shared
10:00AM - FIRESIDE CHAT: The power of IT to change businesses and the world
  • Discussing the need to be aware and proactive with regards to global challenges
  • How do we as tech professionals, create and develop technology to benefit our organisations and others?
  • Is it possible to do both? How?
  • How do you get buy in and make the proposition valuable for all stakeholders?
  • Debate: Outsourcing vs internal build of tech/apps with a tech for good foundation?
  • How this will give further meaning to the work we do
10:30AM - Morning Break & Speed Networking Break


11:30AM - PANEL DISCUSSION: Champions and allies
  • Where do we find the people that will inspire and support us?
  • Looking closer to home
  • How do we help each other and overcome the toxic “us vs them” environments?
  • Who needs to talk to whom? What is missing to get us over this hurdle?
  • Top tips from champions and allies
12:10PM - FIRESIDE CHAT: Off ramping and on ramping your career
  • Discussing parental leave, extended sabbaticals and the professional pause
  • Evaluating paternal leave, the double standards and perceptions
  • What programmes and/or initiatives are in place for professional breaks in firms
  • How to avoid company assumptions regarding your capabilities and desires to progress upon your return
  • On size does not fit all – plan ahead and make your needs clear
  • Keeping your foot in the door with “keep in touch days” and maintaining your champions in the workplace

ModeratorStephanie Dillon, CEO, Inclusivity Partners 

12:40PM - LIGHTNING TALKS: Finding your LIFE balance

Two speakers will share their experiences regarding their journey in finding a work-life balance.

  • It is not ‘one size fits all’
    o Where to start?
    o What do you need to consider?
    o Who needs to get involved?
    o How do you measure balance?
  • How can you effectively communicate your needs and instil trust and reassurance, without impacting your professional progress at work?
  • How to maintain that balance and adjust to changing times and environments
  • How to be a leader when working for home?
  • Does it all come down to time management?

Kim Nilsson, CEO, Pivigo 

Avril Chester, Founder & CEO, Cancer Central UK and CIO, RIBA 

1:10PM - Networking Lunch with topic led roundtables

Attendees are welcome to join the topic specific discussions with like-minded industry peers. Enjoy your lunch whilst discussing topics such as: Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Imposter Syndrome and Negotiation.


2:10PM - PRESENTATION: The lack of diversity in tech goes beyond gender
  • What is intersectionality? Why do we keep putting people in boxes?
  • Highlighting the low percentages of minority groups across IT and tech
  • Discussing the opportunities and investments made in BAME and disabled candidates
  • How to proactively increase the number of underrepresented groups in our teams
2:30PM - PRESENTATION: Attracting the right talent and offering everyone an equal, unbiased opportunity
  • Why are female professionals shying away from potential job opportunities?
  • Understanding impact of the language used in job descriptions and how it comes across to potential candidates
  • Top tips: How to write job descriptions that get you the talent you are looking for
  • The next steps
    o How to filter candidate applications – what to include and what not to include
    o Interview process – who do you have in the room with you?
    o How to evaluate and match a candidate’s talent and personality for your team and the organisation

Barbara Gottardi, MD Chief Information Officer, HSBC 

2:50PM - PRESENTATION: How to retain your talent
  • Why do companies fail to retain staff?
  • Which companies are poaching your talent and why?
  • What do they do that is better than your company?
  • What can we do as IT leaders to positively influence and minimalize the churn cycle?
  • How do you keep things interesting to the current and future talent pool?
3:10PM - Networking Break


3:40PM - PRESENTATION: Uncovering your potential ‘diamonds in the rough’
  • Do you really know what the potential is of each member of your teams and colleagues?
  • How putting employees “to the test” with simple tasks and different projects could help you tap into a talent pool you didn’t even know you had
  • How do you include these subtle evaluations? How do you monitor and share the results across teams and departments?
  • Understanding how this will open avenues of opportunities, restrict monotony and how it positively influences employee retention
4:00PM - PANEL DISCUSSION: We need talent now - where do we find it?

We know that there is a shortage of talent in the industry and that the root of this problem starts in schools where young girls decide not to pursue STEM subjects, BUT the industry needs a solution to their pipeline problem right now!

  • Establishing what leaders / companies are looking for in a candidate
  • Identifying ‘untapped’ pools of talent and why they are great candidates for your teams
  • Where can we find potential candidates with work experience, that do not need graduate levels of training?
  • What do IT leaders need to do to support this upskilling and recruitment project?
  • Discussing the expansion of the role of IT leaders to include talent acquisition skills

Nabila Salem, President, Revolent Group 

4:40PM - ROUNDTABLES: Securing our future STEM talent – this is your moment to give back

Educating, inspiring and nurturing the future talent pool to pursue STEM subjects is key to overcoming the deficit we are currently facing. During these roundtables attendees and speaker will be joined by young girls from local schools to discuss:

  • The perception, concerns and doubts these young girls have of STEM
  • What did speakers and attendees find exciting about STEM subjects
  • Why our speakers and attendees enjoy the roles and the industry they are working in
  • The benefits and important roles female STEM professionals play in our futures
  • How our STEM leaders can do more to support change initiatives
    o Discussing the next steps and continuity – Internships; Programmes; Mentorship.
    o What will be the “after care” of the session be for each individual?
5:20PM - SUMMIT ROUND-UP: Feedback and your pledge
  • Discussing the key takeaways from this inaugural summit
  • What topics would you like to hear about at the WIT London 2021 Summit?
  • Tweet your pledge: Making your pledge for change
    ○ Given the content and insights shared, attendees are asked to pledge an act of change.
    ○ What actionable takeaway will you do first?
5:30PM - End of Summit - See you next year!

Join us at the Summit on 30th June 2020, London.

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