VIRTUAL Summit Schedule


Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK
Chairperson Introduction – Pauliina Jamsa, Life Coach, Jamsa Consulting, UK


Conference Chair & Content Producer

10:05AM KEYNOTE: Rethink the Unpredictable
  • The new priorities that take top of the tech list in the coming months and years
  • How has technology changed our lives, and how has the pandemic changed technology?
  • Do tech business models need to change for a more flexible and ever-changing climate?
  • Where will we be in 5 years? Can we rely on 5-year plans anymore?


10:20AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Responsible Tech Rebuilding Society
  • What are the dangers for society of rushing into a post-pandemic world, and back to old ways?
  • From healthcare access to flexible working tech, how social innovations can support emergence from lockdown
  • Is this our chance to take hold of the climate emergency, once and for all? What is tech’s role in this?
  • How can your business contribute towards the return to a more ethical and sustainable ‘normal’?
11:00AM LIVE Q&A: Artificial Intelligence & Bias: It’s Complicated
  • What are the dangers of unconscious bias in a workplace, in leadership and in society?
  • In our new virtual workplaces, how can AI help eliminate some of this bias in recruitment, training and promotion?
  • What do we do when the AI is biased? Is an AI-based recruiter more biased than the humans?
  • How can we de-bias our increasingly AI-driven world, remove the skew at the source, and use it for good?
11:30AM CASE STUDY: The Marriage of Tech & Mental Health
  • How can abuse of technology negatively impact mental health?
  • How can technology professionals in high-intensity work environments prioritize their wellbeing?  
  • What technologies and wearables are being developed to combat and cure mental illnesses?  
  • The role of innovations and platforms supporting the world’s mental health during COVID-19


10:20AM PANEL DISCUSSION: The Rebrand of Digital Transformation
  • What lessons are there from the COVID-19 pandemic, for businesses who were in the midst of digital transformation?
  • The question is no longer ‘should’ businesses digitise, but ‘how’ can they do so
  • The art of rapid decision-making and adopting the start-up mentality
  • Managing the risks of smaller timelines, and ensuring fear-driven thinking steers clear of strategies
11:00AM FIRESIDE CHAT: Be Prepared with Data
  • The impact of a world at home – more data than ever before
  • What new ways can we analyse and use the data we are collecting?
  • Big data: how much data are we storing and how are we storing it?
  • Using data to build products and services that people want, and NEED, in finding their feet again
11:30AM CASE STUDY: Virtual is the New Black
  • In our new digital workplace, what do we need to know about security and privacy going forward?
  • How can we prepare for hybrid teams in the future, and prepare new leaders to manage these digital team members?
  • The best new entertainment systems: AR & VR
  • Emerging from the pandemic, how might tech shape our social lives in the future?
  • The need to achieve a balance, and retain the human connection alongside the tech connection

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK
Chairperson Introduction – Pauliina Jamsa, Life Coach, Jamsa Consulting, UK


Conference Chair & Content Producer

2:05PM KEYNOTE: Don’t Let Go of D&I
  • While businesses struggle to cope with the effects of a global pandemic – what happens to the D&I strategies?
  • Why diversity and inclusion (and belonging), now more than ever, needs our attention
  • How can a focus on diversity can breed innovative and efficient ways for businesses to find their feet again?
  • Will we see the true colours of companies fuelling D&I for good publicity, versus genuine efforts?



2:20PM PERSONAL INTROSPECTIVE: Find Your Strengths, and Play to Them
  • Do your strengths lie in your judgement, honesty, perspective, wisdom, social skills, leadership?
  • How to identify your key character strengths
  • How can you use your strengths to succeed at work, handle stress and believe in your own abilities?
  • Understanding others’ traits in order to interact more effectively and build strong relationships
2:45PM FIRESIDE CHAT: The 2020 Work-Life Balance
  • The age-old buzzword has come back, with a new brand
  • How can you balance your work and life, when they’re both in the same place?
  • What role do employers have in protecting employees and allowing them to distance from the desk?
  • Is there a way to integrate your two lives, instead of segregating them, that will benefit you and your wellbeing?
3:15PM MASTERCLASS: Up Your ‘Online Networking’ Game
  • The importance of maintaining a solid networking during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How do the basic skills of face-to-face networking compare to virtual networking?
  • How can we be productive about our networking and maintain long-term relationships physically and virtually?  
  • The faux-pas of networking in our current climate
  • Can we truly network online?



2:20PM PERSONAL INTROSPECTIVE: Your Unconscious Biases
  • What is an unconscious bias? How do they form?
  • How can unconscious biases impact decisions in the workplace?
  • Learn what your unconscious biases are, and understand how to challenge them regularly
2:45PM FIRESIDE CHAT: The Intersectionality Conversation
  • Diversity goes beyond gender – how can we support an intersectional approach to D&I strategies and mentalities?
  • How are women of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities left behind in ‘female empowerment’?
  • When we look at 30%, do we exclude other underrepresented groups from the conversation?
  • How can you embody allyship in your organisation and support education on important issues?
3:15PM ROUNDTABLES: Sending the Elevator Down
  • Once you’re at the top, what can you do to help others climb the ladder? What small things can you take responsibility for?
  • Motivating from beyond the ceiling: the value for underrepresented employees, to see leaders like them
  • Exerting your influence to integrate neutral recruitment, and policies that a diverse workforce needs
  • Should we really be expected to juggle a top-level career and support others?