Summit Agenda


Women in IT Europe 2019 Berlin, Germany 

Wednesday, 25th September 2019

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome


09:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: Embracing change and managing industry developments

Discussing the top 3 influential emerging technologies in the industry today

How much have customer expectations and experiences changed in the last 3 years as a result of the tech boom?

How have these changing trends influenced company culture, processes, products and services? How is your company adapting?

Predictions: Which technology will have the most significant impact on the industry over the next 3 years and why?

09:45 PRESENTATION: Preparing for the social impacts of new technologies

Highlighting the new professional opportunities available as a result of the tech revolution

What new jobs have been created?

What will the new entry point be and what new skills will young professionals need to have?

Understanding how disruptive automated functions will be to the workforce

Analysing the effects of people displacement – how will this be economically viable and sustainable?

What can we do to safeguard and secure a promising and bright future for the tech workforce?

10:05 FIRESIDE CHAT: Does today’s tech emanate a diverse and inclusive group of creatives?

Analysing the technological features available and where we see the greatest diversity discrepancies i.e. voice recognition, facial recognition, etc.?

Evaluating the real impact of these discrepancies on your product development and service delivery

Comparing products and services created and delivered by diverse and inclusive workforces

How to avoid and overcome AI algorithm and assisted service bias

Case studies: Who is leading the way and how

10:35 Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to take part in speed networking, please contact *Note: Vendor companies will be required to sponsor in order to participate.


11:25 FIRESIDE CHAT: Navigating your way in the exciting world of IT/Tech

Identifying which countries still need to do more work to support female advancement

Highlighting the importance of soft and hard skills for tech

Identifying the right company and gateway job opportunity

Negotiations – start your employment with clarity, benefits, discuss modern working practices, make your ambitions known

Finding the courage to pursue new challenges and expand your comfort zone

The importance of developing new skills, learning on the job and embracing constant change

11:55 PRESENTATION: Professional opportunities within cyber security

Comparing tech role popularity and the low uptake of positions in security

Are universities noticing a decrease in numbers and do we understand why?

Highlighting the opportunities and importance of professionals in cyber security

How can the lack of expertise leave us vulnerable as technology continues to evolve

How can we engage and incentivise young students and industry professionals to move into the cyber security space? What initiatives are already in place?


12:10 PRESENTATION: “Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Moving on from the minority in tech discussion

How are female professionals using their voices and communicating their ideas effectively?

Discussing the importance of communicating and building relationships with all colleagues

Top tips on how to get comfortable and how to use your new found comfort

12:25 FIRESIDE CHAT: Work-life balance – Adapting to today’s reality and making it work

Outlining our lives as they are today and the part that technology plays in it

Identifying and accepting your own blended life approach – what does this look like?

Adopting flexible working styles to overcome professional and personal requirements

Step by step implementation process to find the right balance for yourself

12:55 PANEL DISCUSSION: On ramping and off ramping your career

Discussing parental leave, extended sabbaticals and the professional pause

Evaluating the current programmes and initiatives in place for professional breaks

Evaluating paternal leave, the double standards and perceptions

Avoiding the “We were on a break” assumptions regarding your capabilities and desires to progress

Keeping your foot in the door with “keep in touch days” and maintaining your champions in the workplace

13:30 Networking Lunch


14:30 PRESENTATION: How to secure professional sponsorship

Analysing the difference between role models, mentors and sponsors

How to work and leverage your network both inside and outside your organisation

Who do you need to get to know and how do you get to them?

Leveraging the support of male colleagues as sponsors and working in partnership

14:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Being a leader from start to finish in your tech career

Speaking the language of a leader – what does this mean?

Comparing various leadership styles – strengths and weaknesses

How to lead effectively and be you

It’s not just about IQ, you also need an Emotional Quotient (EQ) – overcoming your own unconscious bias and getting to the top

15:30 FIRESIDE CHAT: Using your professional success to give back

How to leverage your knowledge and expertise for the greater good

Supporting professionals and communities through creative initiatives

Understanding the benefits of these supportive projects and how you can give back

16:00 WORKSHOP: Empowerment Principles

Management tactics: employees happiness; training & development; fear management

Finding the right support groups

16:45 ROUND-UP ROUNDTABLES: Your pledge for improvement

Discussing the key takeaways from this year’s summit

How will you implement some of these ideas into your organisation?

What will be the new opportunities and challenges moving forward?

What topics and areas of focus should be considered for WIT Europe 2020?

Accountability & Legacy – Pledge your plan of action for 2019/2020

17:00 End of Conference

2019 Women In IT Europe Awards 19:00 Champagne Reception 19:30 Welcome and Keynote Addresses