2019 Women in IT New York Summit

Bonhill Group is proud to announce the launch of the 2019 Women in IT New York Summit, co-located with the Women in IT Awards on March 28th at the Cipriani 42nd street.

With the U.S. being one of the biggest powerhouses for technological innovation and development, there is no better place to advance your career in tech. More so now, as we see more and more exciting new technologies such AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain as well as new developments within data, analytics and cyber security. The opportunities to get involved and to contribute to this growth are endless…or are they?

The IT and technology industries continue to be heavily dominated by male professionals and little has changed since diversity and inclusion discussions began. In IT for example, the percentage of global female IT leaders remains at 9%. In the U.S., women make up less than 20% of the tech jobs, even though they make up more than half of the whole U.S. workforce (Small Business Trends, 2018). This lack of inclusion and diversity is actually impacting how tech is programmed and designed today.

This is your opportunity to hear from and network with some of the most interesting individuals in this industry. And it doesn’t end there! Be sure to join us at the Women in IT Awards Gala where we recognise and celebrate the best in the business. Categories include amongst others: Advocate of the Year; CIO of the Year; Entrepreneur of the Year; Future CIO of the Year; Business Role Model of the Year; CTO of the Year; Rising Star; and Diversity Initiative of the Year.

Now is not the time to be shy and you should be at the WIT Summit getting involved in the discussions. Guarantee your place in the market while staying on top of important industry trends. The only way to see real change is by working together as an industry, to correct our course and to truly develop technology that is for everyone.

We will see you in March!


Thursday, March 28th 2019

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Producer & Chairperson’s Conference Welcome


09:10 FIRESIDE CHAT: Is AI for everyone?

  • Highlighting the benefits and challenges of AI in your business
  • Understanding the importance of fostering relationships and human interaction
  • How has AI enhanced internal processes and customer facing services
  • Why is or isn’t AI for your business? Will this change?

09:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Diverse and inclusive technologies – is this a reality today?

  • What makes up AI – personalities and preferences?
  • Where can we see the greatest diversity discrepancies in the technology?
  • How different would today’s tech be, if there were more diverse tech teams?
  • How can you create greater diversity in AI?

10:20 PRESENTATION: The social implications of new technologies – are we prepared?

  • How is AI contributing to society?
  • How significant and how disruptive will the reduction in the workforce be?
  • Analysing the effects of people displacement on the buying cycle
  • How will this be economically viable and sustainable?
  • What new jobs will need to be created? Where and when will these take effect?

10:40 Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to take part in speed networking, please contact Tania.Ferreira@bonhillplc.com


11:40 PRESENTATION: A journey from the kitchen to being a powerful business women

  • How an app idea turned into a book deal and lead to international recognition in the tech space
  • Understanding the “Pivotal Moments” that influence and make your professional career
  • Standing together and helping each other climb the ladder to success

12:05 PRESENTATION: Navigating your way into the exciting world of tech

  • Identifying gateway jobs and building your skills and CV
  • Finding courage to pursue new challenges and step out of your comfort zone
  • Allowing yourself to learn new skills, learn on the job and embrace more responsibility
  • How often have you just said “Yes” without second guessing? Overcome your insecurities
  • Be a Yes Women and seize every professional opportunity

12:25 PRESENTATION: How to best support and integrate new tech professionals into the industry

  • How are companies promoting new roles and creating opportunities for professionals entering the tech world?
  • Where are the gaps most evident in relation to diversity and inclusion? What has been done to correct this?
  • Discussing the advantages of workshops, master classes and training to support new entrants and existing employees
  • How D&I benefits your company i.e. retention, loyalty, ambition, ROI


12:45 FIRESIDE CHAT: Opportunities in cyber security but no traction – why?

  • Comparing tech role popularity and the low uptake of positions in security
  • Are universities noticing a decrease in numbers and have we understood why?
  • Highlighting the opportunities and importance of professionals in cyber security
  • How can the lack of expertise leaves us vulnerable especially in the tech industry
  • How can we engage and incentivise young students and industry professionals to move into the cyber security space?

13:15 PRESENTATION: The need for greater cyber security awareness and privacy protection

  • Debating data ownership and where to draw the privacy line
  • Discussing government/regulatory requests for backdoors into secure systems
  • Highlighting the concerns regarding the consolidation of power
  • How will this influence how we work and who has control of information in the future?

13:35 Networking Lunch


14:30 PRESENTATION: How to navigate a large organisation

  • Negotiations – start your employment with clarity, benefits, discuss modern working practices, make your ambitions known
  • Don’t get lost in a sea of faces – stand out! Make your ideas heard.
  • Working on important projects attracts the right attention
  • Build supportive relationships to help you get to where you want to be

14:50 FIRESIDE CHAT: Over mentored and not enough sponsorship

  • Analysing the difference between mentors and sponsors
  • Knowing how to work and leverage your network both in an organisation and outside
  • Who do you need to get to know and how do you get to them?
  • Leveraging the support of male colleagues as sponsors and working in partnership

15:20 FIRESIDE CHAT: Being the best leader from the team meeting to the boardroom

  • How to effectively lead without having to be someone you are not
  • Comparing various leadership styles – strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowing when to adapt your persona to each meeting and audience
  • Speaking the language of a leader – what does this mean?
  • How to be the motivator, a mentor and sponsor for your team and for the company

15:40 PRESENTATION: Using your professional success to give back

  • How to leverage your knowledge and expertise for the greater good
  • Examining how investments in digital literacy can help you contribute to communities
  • Supporting local communities through connectivity and sustainable initiatives
  • Understanding the benefits of these projects and how you to can give back

16:10 End of Conference – See you next year!

Women In IT 2019 Industry Awards – New York

19:00 Champagne Reception

19:30 Opening Welcome

Delegate Pass Options

$650 Summit & Awards Gala Dinner
$249 Summit only
$500 Awards Gala Dinner only
*Please note that these prices do not apply to vendor companies.
*For sponsorship opportunities please contact joe.aspis@bonhillplc.com or sarah.beaman@bonhillplc.com

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