Bonhill Group is proud to announce the Women in IT New York Summit on March 25th 2020 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. 


From school to the workplace, women are poorly represented in the world of technology. In the US, 18.7% of computing & information science graduates are women; women of colour making up less than 7% of AP Computer Science students in 2017.  

Women were in only a quarter of professional computing jobs in US in 2018, with just 9% by BAME women. In leadership, the scene continues to be male-dominated, with Fortune 500 companies featuring 11% women executives. 


The Women in IT Summit will facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration & networking that will focus on CHANGING these statistics. There are opportunities out there, there’s an education needed across the board, and there’s a female future that we can prepare for. Think interactive masterclasses, think brand new perspectives and think practical solutions. 


Powerhouse women in the technological industries, from the US & beyond, will be exploring how we can manage our cyber risks, the marriage of tech and mental health, and the role employers have in attracting more female candidates. There’ll be opportunities to discuss the hottest trends in 2020 tech, to invest in your professional development and to explore how ‘diversity’ equals productivity. 


Nabila Aydin “I’m really excited to be taking part in the WIT NY Summit and I look forward to discussing the power of mentors and sponsors at work. I’ve had both and this certainly helped me progress and develop in my career.”

Uma Narayanan “During my panel, I’m looking forward to exploring examples of building AI-enabled solutions for my financial services clients, while also highlighting the importance failing has had on our continued success alongside other industry leaders.”

Elizabeth Baxter “I’m thrilled to be speaking at the 2019 WIT New York Summit! As a young woman in tech, I’ve experienced the many common challenges woman face in pursuing their tech career. From battling impostor syndrome to discovering my passion in cybersecurity, I’ve learned that the challenges for females in tech are very real. This conference provides a unique chance to address these topics and spread awareness for those who are passionate about tech, but who are also unaware of how to overcome its boundaries.”

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