dyvvYd's mission

Kiki Mwiti, Founder & CEO, DYVVYD

Did you know that still today, the preferred method for angel and venture capital investors to grant tech founders access is via a warm introduction [through an influential connection] or by a founder belonging to an elite network [ivy league school or work experience at a top-tier fund]? For almost 99% of underrepresented founders who are immigrants, women, people of color or LGBTQ, this is an impossibility because they have never been exposed to this pedigree of wealth, education or network of powerful friends.

Powered by A.I., DYVVYD‘s mission is to provide overlooked and underestimated founders the power to access capital allocated for D&I with no warm intro, elite network, ivy league background or fees all via a pure virtual experience. Since our launch years ago, we focus exclusively on investors who are ahead of the curve, understand the select disadvantages of pattern-matching, are committed to diversity as distinct thesis and are open to connecting with women, POC/minority, LGBTQ and older-gen founders. Since 2017, our model has been a focus on a virtual experience that provides immediate access if a founder, building a great company is a match for an investor’s fund or thesis.

>> We’re intentional on closing the funding gap for women & minorities by digitizing investor relations specifically for these specific groups only via introductions & deal-flow, making recommendations based on activity/interaction and collecting data against successful connection points.

We’ve partnered with top-tier global accelerators Techstars and The Founder Institute exchanging deals before they hit market and have made over 500+ founder introductions or sent vetted and hyper-curated deals to investors that wrote the funding checks to help scale your favorite consumer & enterprise technologies: Zoom, Dollar Shave Club, Winnie, AirTable, Shopify, Pinterest and more, helping create more opportunities for underrepresented startup teams; opportunities they never would have had outside our network.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we partner with investment firms/funds, accelerators and innovation companies, drop us a line at hello@dyvvyd.com.